How to make your website perform faster.

Here are some important and key information, that you need to learn, as it will help your website to run faster and help your client make their bookings without hustles. In most cases, clients feel comfortable with a fast running website, and this develops online trust for your business.

Some of the things you have to do are”


  1. Compress and Optimize your images: Images help your website to look so nice and beautiful increasing the quality of your website. However, if you have large images, they delay loading. So ensure your images are not heavy.
  2. Reduce redirects from your website. Too many redirects on the website can hurt loading in many times. Website visitors like doing most of the things on the same website, or if possible same page. It makes them feel comfortable and convenient.
  3. Cache your web pages. Caching is one of the most effective ways to speed up your web pages. Caching stores copies of your site’s files, minimizing the work needed for the server to generate and serve a web page to a visitor’s browser.
  4. Eliminate Unnecessary Plugins. Not all the plugins are created the same, and too many plugins on your website can cause bloats that will in most cases cause slow downs on your website.


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