How to start a tourism business in Uganda

You need to learn and understand which areas you  will be getting your clients from, before you start a tour company in Uganda.

Below are the few outlines of what you need to know as you start a tour company.

  1. Think about the company name.
  2. Make the registration for your business.
  3. Marketing Plan. You need to know where and how you will do the marketing for your business.
  4. Website. Like any other business, website is very important. Website acts as your online face, reputation and it earns you visibility and online trust. Get a Website Here.
  5. Set up your social media,

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How to start a tourism business in Uganda



There are REQUIREMENTS given by Uganda Tourism Board.

Below is the list of the requirements given by Uganda Tourism Board that you need to follow when you want to start a tour company in Uganda.

a. Registration

  • Certificate of incorporation from URSB
  • TIN Number
  • Annual Performance Report number of tourists handled, sources of tourists, places visited by
    tourists, average duration of stay

b. Location

  • Office must be easily accessible i.e. with clear plot number, clear name of street Office must be clean and attractive i.e. visibly tidy and uncongested.
  • A clearly visible sign post or office labe
  • Availability of basic ICT appliances e.g. Internet, office Telephone Number stationed in the office,
  • Functional E-Mail Address, Functional Website
  • Availability of basic utilities water, energy

c. Staff

  • Should have an overall manager [MD, CEO, GM] well versed in tourism trade [an individual who
    has been actively engaged in the business of packaged travel for at least three years], and with
    good communication skills
  • Should have a Tour Manager with a minimum of UACE [A Level] or its equivalent, additional
    certificates/trainings in Tourism and should be computer literate
  • Should have an accountant with a minimum qualification of Uganda Diploma in Business Studies
    or its equivalent
  • Reservations Officer and/or secretary and/or clerk; minimum level of UCE [O Level] and should
    be computer literate
  • At-least one tour guide by UTB after passing a Tour Guide’s exam
  • At-least one tour-driver licensed by UTB
  • Tourist service providers shall have health deliverance guidelines and shall train their staff in
    health deliverance activities upon recruitment.

d. Vehicles

  • Preferably, at-least two comprehensively insured tour vehicles registered in the company’s
    names, or proof of contracting supplier with the above tour vehicles
    Tour Operator Registration| Minimum Requirements
  • A tour operator shall ensure that the company has a health and safety policy, where accidents
    and emergency procedures are maintained and records are available for inspection; tourists are
    accommodated in approved accommodation establishments by the central local authority and
    dully registered to accommodate guests; tourists are served meals from approved
    establishments meeting hygienic conditions; and tourists are transported in approved tourist
    vehicles with comprehensive insurance.

e. Integrity

  • Not declared bankrupt
  • Not convited of any fraudulent offence especially against tourists/clients [No history of
    bankruptcy, fraud or similar breaches for the last three years]

f. Advertising

  • Costed itineraries describing packages, prices, and other conditions applying to a contract, in
    respect of a package e.g. means of transport, accommodation type specifying degree of comfort,
    location of accommodation, meal plan, general information for visa requirements, health
    requirements, any tax or compulsory charges, deadlines for payments, time and place of
    intermediate stops and transport connections, spread of payments, etc
  • Commitment to compensation in case promised package and conditions are not provided by the
    tour operator
  • Any tax or compulsory charge
  • All advertising should have functional name, address, telephone and e-mail address of the tour

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